My journey towards financial freedom starts here!

Personal finance, investing and building passive income is what I have loved for many years. But I did not really focus on financial freedom and early retirement yet. To change this, I follow-up on my idea to start blogging about my progress at a detailed level. Not to brag (not that I think I have anything to brag about) but just to document my journey to financial freedom and hopefully inspire many others to join me on and start this journey for themselves. Not with the goal to never work again, but to be able to do the things you love without worrying about your paycheck. Because there will be a time that you don’t want to or are not able to work anymore. Better be prepared!

Detailed progress
Of course, sharing detailed financial information is frowned upon in general. But I decided to do it anyways to show in a very detailed way that reaching financial independence and being in control of your finances is not just for the lucky few. But as I don’t want the financial information to be publicly traced back to me personally, I will call myself Mr. Chipmunk because who doesn’t like Disney’s Chip ‘n’ Dale?

About me
First, let’s introduce myself. I am a young Dutchman and married to Mrs. Chipmunk. We both work part-time in the financial services industry. We have 2 beautiful young kids and live in The Netherlands. I am really the finance guy in the house and I arrange everything in terms of allocation cash to our checking and savings accounts, mortgage payments, investing in both our personal account as the investment account we have for our kids. I am also a spreadsheet fanatic so I record and calculate our financial position and projections in various Excel spreadsheets. This is an useful skill to monitor your progress towards financial freedom!

Our journey
In our journey, we want to take you along by writing about topics such as:
• Monthly updates about tangible assets, cash, investments, dividend income, cash-flow, savings rate, etc.
• Detailed updates about stock purchases and analyses of the underlying company but also about Exchange-traded-funds (ETFs).
• Developments in the stock market, retirement, real estate, etc.

We are (and will be) in the accumulation phase for some time now, so the perfect moment for you to tag along and follow us on our journey to financial freedom!

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