My mortgage repayment strategy!

€220,000. That’s my current (net) mortgage. Although I’ve got a nice and comfy home, it would be even better if I fully owned the place, mortgage-free. That’s why I sat down and set clear goals for each year to make that a reality. Financial freedom comes with taking small steps consistently over several years. It’s easy on paper but really hard in real life. But I will give it a go, anyway! Continue reading “My mortgage repayment strategy!”

5 steps to take before you start investing!

For many people investing is the way to go to build wealth and hopefully financial freedom. But investing is not without risk. Over time, your investments will increase and decrease in value. Long-term however, a diversified portfolio tends to do fine.

But there are steps to take to make sure you are not forced to sell your investments at market lows. Let’s find out more about these steps! Continue reading “5 steps to take before you start investing!”

Financial Freedom Progress Report (FFPR) – February

February with just 28 days passed by rather quickly! Time to see what February brings in terms of progress towards financial freedom! Let’s take a closer look at my net worth and investment portfolios. Continue reading “Financial Freedom Progress Report (FFPR) – February”

Key takeaways from Buffett’s Annual Letter to reach FIRE!

I always look forward to the Annual Letter from ‘The Oracle of Omaha’ Warren Buffett. Often a lot of wisdom and common sense is found in these letters. It also provides insight in the thinking of one of the best investors of all time. Let’s find out what we can learn from Buffett’s 2018 letter for those striving for financial freedom! Continue reading “Key takeaways from Buffett’s Annual Letter to reach FIRE!”

How to invest in real estate with just $1,000!

With real estate prices skyrocketing in big cities, everyone wants a piece of the pie! Investors are flocking to buy properties in hot areas to turn them into rentals or flip and sell them. But what are the benefits of investing in real estate? And how can you invest in real estate with just $1,000? Let’s find out. Continue reading “How to invest in real estate with just $1,000!”

Private banking is for fools, this is why!

Congratulations! You have suddenly amassed a sizeable nest egg through an inheritance, selling your business or by winning the lottery. Every corporate bank is enticing you to let their private bankers do their magic with your money! But should you join their elite clubs? Continue reading “Private banking is for fools, this is why!”

Analysis of my personal investment portfolio – Apple

My personal investment thesis is simple. Invest in high quality businesses, preferably through index funds, and let time do the heavy lifting. With the market volatility in December 2018 that’s exactly what I did. Let’s go through the highlights of a company in my personal investment portfolio named Apple. Continue reading “Analysis of my personal investment portfolio – Apple”

The impact of buying a large home on reaching financial freedom

Several of my friends and family are currently looking to buy a house, or have recently bought a house. Some rented before buying their first home, others have upgraded to a larger house. Even though I am rather rational, emotion does sometimes get a hold of me. Especially when looking at real estate.

Because who doesn’t like a nice house to live in? But is living in a larger house on a bigger piece of land worth the investment? And what exactly is the impact of buying a larger home on reaching financial freedom? Let’s find out in a real-life situation.

Continue reading “The impact of buying a large home on reaching financial freedom”

My First Financial Freedom Progress Report (January)

Here it is, my first Financial Freedom Progress Report (FFPR). These past two months have been awesome, but not financially. A lovely Christmas and New Year’s Eve with family and friends, skiing in France, buying the necessary skiing equipment, redecorating the room of my son, etc. It all piled up! As a result, the savings rate of December and January turned out much lower than I expected. Continue reading “My First Financial Freedom Progress Report (January)”