One step closer towards reaching financial freedom!

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It’s time to give you guys an update again on my progress towards reaching financial freedom. This post is all about the progress I made in January! The purpose of this monthly series is to monitor my progress towards reaching financial independence. One baby step at a time… Let’s find out more!

My net worth is now almost EUR 214K!

Another solid increase in January. More than I expected. The reason is… (spoiler!)… We’ve officially sold our house, so I’ve included the sale value (minus broker fees) in our net worth.

What?! You bought a new house?!

I know, what happened to the negative impact of buying a larger home on reaching financial freedom? However, other things in life are important as well… Such as, living closer to family and work.

Nevertheless, I thought about the financial side of things as well. I now switch from an interest rate of 4.3% to about 1.3%. That saves me a lot of money! But more about that in a separate post.

The details

As you can see below, my net worth chart shows a steady increase. Month-on-month around 6%. Not too shabby!

Savings rate of January

As mentioned in my previous post of December, I’ve set myself a target of 27%. It turned out to be a solid 33%! Nice! Completely on track with this one!

Investment portfolios

I have two investment portfolios. One for my kids and one for myself. As you can see, the portfolio of my kids increased steadily.

Looking at my own portfolio, it sky-rocketed! However, don’t expect stock picks from me. It’s all in cash. Even though, Ray Dalio considers ‘cash as trash’, I feel just fine for know.

I don’t do stock market timing, but since I bought a new house, not plunging everything in stocks seems like a sensible thing to do! Better ‘safe’ than sorry.

But if a significant (>15-20%) market correction is coming in the following months, I probably cannot resist buying great companies at a discount.

What to expect in February?

I know, it doesn’t seem fair to make a prediction for February when we are almost in March. However, I don’t keep track of everything on a daily basis so it will be an educated guess.

Excluding charitable givings, my savings rate will probably be around 25%.

To my readers, how was your January! On target?

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4 thoughts on “One step closer towards reaching financial freedom!”

    1. The steady green one is the portfolio of my kids and the blue one is mine πŸ™‚ I will specify that more clearly onwards πŸ˜‰

      Thanks for commenting!

  1. Nice overview and a pretty impressive net worth!

    January was a good month for me and February likely as well. Time goes quick when we’re having fun!

    1. Oops, overlooked your comment. Thanks a lot for your comment. I hope your March-June were even better πŸ™‚

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