My goals for TwentyTwenty! goals for 2020

On several personal finance or FIRE blogs ‘2020 goals’ posts are popping up. As I’m sensitive to FOMO 😉 I thought I would give it a shot as well. And here it is! In this blog you can find my goals for 2020.

For 2020, I aim to minimize and simplify everything as much as possible. So don’t expect nitty gritty goals with sub-goals, milestones, etc. I only have 2 types of goals: Financial goals and non-financial goals. Let’s dive in!

Financial goal: Reach net worth of EUR 230.000

You’ve probably already read the screaming headline of this post that I’ve reached a net worth of EUR 200K! Hooray! For me this is big. As a result, my financial wealth snowball has increased significantly in 2019 and I want to continue this trend.

To make this happen I’ve set myself an ambitious target to increase my net worth with 15% in 2020.

How am I going to make this a reality? By Achieving a 2020 savings rate of 35%.

For anyone somewhat familiar with FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) you’ve probably heard of a savings rate.

The way that I determine my savings rate is easy. I just do this simple calculation: (cash inflow -/- cash outflow) / cash inflow * 100%.


You can calculate the savings rate for any period. A positive savings rate is a good sign because you spent less money than what came in. A negative savings rate just means that you are spending more money than comes in. That’s generally bad. Consequently, keeping an eye on your savings rate is essential if you want to increase your net worth!

Therefore, monitoring my savings rate is what I will do in 2020! To really make a positive impact on my net worth, I will set myself a 2020 savings rate target of 35%.

My monthly savings rate will obviously fluctuate. However, for all of 2020 combined I expect to achieve this target!

My blogging goal for 2020. 52 blogs!

Non-financial goal 1: 52 blog posts on

In 2019 I’ve posted only about 30 blogs. That’s not a lot. Although I value quality over quantity, I do think that I need to step it up a notch! Thus, I thought about a posting schedule for 2020.

I will post another blog every Wednesday of every week. That’s a big promise which I plan to keep!

Books can be a true source of wisdom!

Non-financial goal 2: Read 6 finance or business related books

6 books may seem like not ambitious at all. However, there is more than finance 😊. I do like to read books on other topics as well. Unfortunately, I cannot let someone else do my reading for me, so I need to schedule reading time. One finance or business book every 2 months should work out fine!

Simplify your goals

That’s it. 1 financial goal and 2 non-financial goals. As simple as that. For the rest of 2020 I can really put my focus on achieving these goals.

That’s what I want to share with you as well. Don’t make your goals for 2020 to complicated or set goals for every area in your life. Focus on only a few things that you really want to achieve and set your goals accordingly.

Choose 1 or 2 drivers or sub-goals that will really slingshot your progress of achieving your main goal. As result, you can easily track your progress, adjust where necessary and make a real impact on making 2020 a great year!

To my readers: have you set your goals for 2020? What is the most important goal that you have for this year?

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