Climb that FIRE mountain but don’t forget to enjoy the road and the view!

Climb that fire mountain but dont forget to enjoy the road and the view - text

Striving to reach financial freedom is addictive. You work hard, generate additional sources of income and save and invest as much money as you can! But don’t be fooled. It’s very easy to forget that you are living right now. You don’t start living 20 years from now when you’ve reached your $1+ million dollar portfolio. Don’t miss out on the small things of life!

To me this is so important. With 2 small kids you need to enjoy every moment. Cherish these fun and precious times with them. It’s cliché but that time is never coming back! It doesn’t mean that you should stop working hard and saving as much as you can. But never forget that there is more to life than reaching FIRE.

You should spend your time wisely. Limit the time you spend watching Netflix or watching cat videos on YouTube. Cut that time short! But never, I repeat, never, sacrifice spending time with your family and kids. Because if you do so, you will reach FIRE miserably and alone with no one to share the freedom with.

Some things that are very important to me:

  • Spending time with my family, friends and God
  • Perform well at my day job
  • Going to the gym at least 3 times a week
  • Building side business(es)
  • Reading books
  • Social activities: Church, Volunteering, etc.

No way that this fits in a normal week when I do not limit the time I spend on my phone, Netflix, YouTube and other non-productive things. It’s so easy that these things become a habit or addiction… Sometimes I’m a bit shocked about my weekly screen time. Definitely a wake-up call. Imagine what I could’ve done in these hours!

The key takeaway from this short blog is to enjoy life. Specifically the life before you reach FIRE. Because life is too short to only be looking at your savings rate and net worth. Enjoy your time with family and friends. They will motivate you to reach your goals and protect you from going overboard in your road to FIRE.

Keeping climbing that FIRE mountain, but don’t forget to enjoy the road and the view!

To my readers: How do you spend your time? What are the things in life that you find most important?
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