My goals for TwentyTwenty!

On several personal finance or FIRE blogs ‘2020 goals’ posts are popping up. As I’m sensitive to FOMO ? I thought I would give it a shot as well. And here it is! In this blog you can find my goals for 2020.

For 2020, I aim to minimize and simplify everything as much as possible. So don’t expect nitty gritty goals with sub-goals, milestones, etc. I only have 2 types of goals: Financial goals and non-financial goals. Let’s dive in!

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My mortgage repayment strategy!

€220,000. That’s my current (net) mortgage. Although I’ve got a nice and comfy home, it would be even better if I fully owned the place, mortgage-free. That’s why I sat down and set clear goals for each year to make that a reality. Financial freedom comes with taking small steps consistently over several years. It’s easy on paper but really hard in real life. But I will give it a go, anyway! Continue reading “My mortgage repayment strategy!”

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My journey towards financial freedom starts here!

Personal finance, investing and building passive income is what I have loved for many years. But I did not really focus on financial freedom and early retirement yet. To change this, I follow-up on my idea to start blogging about my progress at a detailed level. Continue reading “My journey towards financial freedom starts here!”

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